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Coffee Luwak Indonesia

CV. Kopi Luwak Indonesia  is the largest Company in South of Bandung. As a producer of luwak coffee with an export quality, our company has our own luwak breeding. Our natural wild luwak coffee production and Luwak Coffee sourcing in his captivity where we learn and we collect directly from Arabica Coffee plantation in Pangalengan – West Java, Indonesia. Our company has an organic coffee plantation of our own around 6 acres that grow well and  it is growing in the fertile land of plateau 1600 m above sea level with tropical temperatures and high rainfall resulting good quality coffee and perfect production and taste.

We work together and deal directly with coffee farmers in the field, our  work  begin carefully from collecting, selecting and processing in a strict accordance with the “Standard Operating Procedure” in Our company, so that we will be able to maintain a good quality of our beans and authenticity.

Our company has a good reputation in the world, and it is believed by our customers because of the quality of our product authenticity of the luwak coffee, for many years our company has focused and take part in luwak coffee business in a professional manner, supported by HR skills and deep knowledge to create and produce the highest quality “Kopi Luwak” as “The 1st Excellent and Most Expensive Coffee In The World ” and we focus to be the best in the field of Kopi Luwak specialization

We’ve got all the needed and trusted certificates in Indonesia, that will reinforce our dedication and our reputation, in order to offer the best quality for our customers.

Best Coffee Luwak coffee from Indonesia recognized by the World

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